What’s Wrapped Up in 2019 For Spotify Premium?

What's Wrapped Up in 2019 For Spotify Premium?
What’s Wrapped Up in 2019 For Spotify Premium?

Whether you’re an old Spotify loyalist or a newbie who wants to try it out, you’ll find that the Premium version has a lot to offer. With access to more than 20 million songs, you can easily discover new favorites and explore new music genres. And the Premium version also gives you access to podcasts and statistics to help you get the most out of your music experience.


‘Wrapped’ is a new feature in the Spotify app, which helps you discover the music you’ve listened to throughout the year. The feature highlights your favorite artists, genres, podcasts and songs. It also offers a year-by-year overview of your listening habits and growth.

It is available through the Spotify mobile app or the Spotify Wrapped website. ‘Wrapped’ also features a playlist of the top 100 songs played on the service in the year. The playlist can be shared with friends. You can also find out more about the top artists and albums.

Spotify has launched its annual feature to identify the most listened-to tracks of the year. This year’s Wrapped includes the top artists, songs, albums, genres and podcasts globally. You can explore your favorite artists and genres on the Wrapped website, or download the playlist for offline listening.

Spotify Premium subscribers will also receive additional data stories, allowing them to view a personalized recap of their listening habits and growth. Users will also have access to playlists of the most streamed songs of the year, as well as playlists of top groups. You can view the Wrapped website in 26 different languages.

The Wrapped tool also features a special page for artists, which provides details about the fans who have listened to their music. These statistics include total streams, fan hours, listeners and more. It also contains information about the artist’s growth and fan followers. You can share the page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

You can also explore Spotify’s library of millions of songs and videos. ‘Wrapped’ offers a year-by-year overview, so you can catch up with the latest trends and discover new artists. ‘Wrapped’ is available on the Spotify mobile app, on the Wrapped website, and on Spotify for Podcasters.

You can also see the top artists, podcasts, songs, albums and genres from the year, as well as a global playlist of the most streamed songs. It also includes a ‘Throwback’ to the last years of your Spotify listening. You can even create a playlist of your favorite songs for the year 2022.


During the month of December, Spotify has launched its annual “Wrapped” feature, which is a rundown of the year’s most popular songs and artists. It is a Premium-only feature that lets users see their favorite artists of the decade, as well as a global view of listening habits.

In addition to the top songs, Spotify also provides a summary of listener data by country and season. This includes total minutes streamed and total hours spent on the platform. There are also infographics about the most popular genres and artists.

In addition to these, the company has released a new “My Decade Wrapped” feature, which allows users to see their listening history from the past decade. The service tracks music and provides a daily digest of news, trivia, and features. During this time, users will be able to explore their own listening habits, create personalized playlists, and learn about their music personalities.

Spotify’s “Wrapped” campaign began in December 2017 and has been rolling out around the globe since. During this time, the company has plastered adverts in New York’s Times Square and on screens at Piccadilly Circus. It also released a special page for artists. In this page, artists are able to see their statistics, including their total listeners, fans per hour, percentage increase in followers, and more.

Spotify also releases a playlist of 100 of the best songs from the past year. Premium subscribers can also see top playlists, including a special playlist for groups and artists. The site also displays the top songs, albums, and genres of the year.

Spotify has also launched a tool to showcase favorite albums and tracks of the year. The Wrapped 2019 tool lets Premium subscribers review their year’s music and favorite podcasts. This tool also allows users to share their favorites with friends.

Spotify’s Wrapped feature is available on both the website and the mobile app. The website provides a list of top podcasts and songs of the year, while the mobile app provides a summary of all the year’s top genres and artists.


Despite being known as a platform for music, Spotify is experimenting with podcasting in the US. In the last three months of 2020, 25% of users listened to podcasts on the platform. This may seem like a small number, but it’s a sign that the service is building a receptive audience.

In fact, Spotify is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on podcast content acquisitions. The platform is also experimenting with direct-response advertising. This could help build a lock-in for podcast creators, if the platform can make the most of the analytics engines and monetization tools that are available.

The company has launched a number of special programs that are meant to get users into podcasting. One of these is the Supporting Cast program, which offers premium feeds and paywalls for smaller publishers. Another is a podcast-related gimmick, the Anchor program.

The Anchor program is free to podcast creators. They are able to upload content, write show notes, and build a show on the Anchor platform. The Anchor page also provides information about the show’s bio and episode descriptions. The site is also an effective way to attract potential up-and-comers.

The “Wrapped” report from Spotify, which provides a summary of listener data from the last year, includes a podcast-related section. It’s also worth noting that Spotify is offering 20 new pricing options for podcasts.

The “Wrapped” report also includes a list of the top podcasts of the year. The list includes shows such as Amy Schumer’s new podcast, Fest and Flauschig, and In the Dark’s second season. The Anchor program is a good sign that Spotify is willing to make a splash in podcasting.

The “Wrapped” report shows that Spotify has more than 0.7 million podcast episodes on its platform. These include the top shows of the year, which have helped build a solid base of receptive audiences. In addition, the company has made significant investments in creator tools, acquiring Anchor and Gimlet Media in recent years. These efforts are intended to help creators reach their target audience and promote their shows.


Almost half of Spotify users have a premium account. This plan gives users the option of accessing high-quality tracks on and offline. Spotify also offers a free account with ad-supported features.

Spotify’s monthly active user (MAU) base grew 18% in a year. According to Spotify’s forecasts, it will reach 407-427 million monthly active users globally by the end of 2021. In the first quarter of 2020, Spotify expects to have 289-299 million subscribers.

Spotify is also a podcast platform that hosts over 700,000 podcasts. Its popularity among young people is growing. Among the genres, the Society & Culture genre is the most popular, followed by Comedy. The platform also has a niche for food culture, news, and LGBTQ+ voices. The average user listens to 148 minutes of music daily.

Spotify Premium users are estimated to consume 2.4MB of music per minute. They spend an average of 25 hours on the platform each month. They also spend a lot of time listening to songs in different frequencies.

Currently, Europeans account for the largest share of premium users. This includes 56% male users. The remaining 39% of premium users come from North America and Latin America.

Spotify’s user base has been growing quickly in the last few years. In 2017, the platform added 60 million users. The subscriber base has more than doubled since early 2017. In the third quarter of 2021, Spotify added 172 million premium subscribers.

Spotify’s subscriptions are an important part of a brand’s overall monetization strategy. The company expects to make a profit in the near future. In addition, Spotify is rapidly expanding into new markets.

Spotify currently has over 50 million songs and 4 billion playlists. According to the company, 40,000 new tracks are added every day. In addition, Spotify has a free version of its app available for over 10 million users. The company plans to add more than 3 billion songs to its library in the future.

Spotify’s subscriber base is growing rapidly in Europe. This region accounts for the largest share of Spotify’s users.

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